Endless Prospects

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Welcome to the

„Endless prospects“ for businesses in the true sense of the word – that’s what the Zweckverband Interkommunales Gewerbe- und Industriegebiet Heidelberg-Leimen (Special-Purpose District Inter-Municipal Commercial and Industrial Area Heidelberg-Leimen), spanning municipality land of two communities, has to offer! Founded on January 1, 2021, the two cities Heidelberg and Leimen decided on the joint development and marketing of the Special-Purpose District’s territory, covering about 100 ha. Boasting excellent connections to regional and national transport, this commercial and industrial area is located in a region promising ideal prospects within Europe. Consequently, demand for these attractive commercial and industrial areas is high. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to a successful cooperation.

Best regards,
Hans D. Reinwald, Mayor of Leimen
President of the Special-Purpose District


Room for Your Perspectives

“We are developing a commercial and industrial area that is a national pilot project.”

Hans D. Reinwald, Mayor of Leimen
President of the Special-Purpose District

Main Industries

Sustainable Construction

You are a medium-sized company working in the sustainable construction industry, including research, development and trades? You came to the right place!

Main Industries

Medical Technology

Located in the immediate vicinity of local clinics, this area offers you an ideal environment for your production as well as research and development in the field of medical technology.

Your company does not match any of the listed industries? No problem! We also consider other companies, as long as your company philosophy matches ours.

The Letter of Intent from July 5, 2018 will give you an overview of the larger framework conditions.

You’re in the construction industry or the medical technology and research field. Take advantage of synergy effects in the  ECONOMY PARK. The  ECONOMY PARK is home to companies that are already successful in these business fields. To us, it is important that you work in a future-oriented and sustainable way and are part of a productive and creative environment.

Added Value

Added value “innovative power”

We Explore New Horizons!
Attracting companies with a CO2 neutral production, in particular from the building material and the modern building material recycling industry, is just as important to us as supplying the Special-Purpose District’s territory with renewable energies.

No Detours!
By building a new connecting road, we optimize transport links on the Special-Purpose District’s territory.
We value green mobility! Climate-friendly means of transport like bikes, streetcars or suburban trains will take you to work in the future.

Added value “transport infrastructure”
Added value “quality of recreation”

From Morning to Evening, Our Planning Takes Everything into Account!
From our inter-municipal kindergarten to “green” lunch breaks, your business lunch in the vineyards or your after-work workout … We provide what the modern business world needs!

Inter-Municipal Commercial and Industrial Area

Heidelberg + Leimen

The foundation of the Zweckverband Interkommunales Gewerbe- und Industriegebiet Heidelberg-Leimen (Special Purpose District Inter-Municipal Commercial and Industrial Area Heidelberg-Leimen) combines the strengths and advantages of the Cities of  Heidelberg and  Leimen, allowing us to make the most of our jointly developed and marketed areas.

Historic Site

Historic Site

Historic Legacy
Designed by the architect Neufert, the former production halls of Etex are landmarked and the only ones of their kind that still exist in Germany. Apart from Etex, Heidelberg Materials, today a company with international standing, has had a strong influence on the development of the Special-Purpose District from the beginning. Abandoned wasteland creates new opportunities to shape the commercial and industrial area in a future-oriented way and to offer attractive areas for businesses.


The Road to Our Zoning Map

As planning body of the Special-Purpose District’s territory, the Zweckverband Interkommunales Gewerbe- und Industriegbiet Heidelberg-Leimen (Special-Purpose District Inter-Municipal Commercial and Industrial Area Heidelberg-Leimen) takes over these tasks for the Cities of Heidelberg and Leimen based on a binding urban development plan.

Making use of already existing planning and buildings as a basis, a joint commercial and industrial area will be developed and reorganized, in particular its settlement structure, use and development, where indicated by urban development. Special emphasis lies on taking into account environmental issues as well as the interests of local businesses.

Place with Prospects

Attractive Offers that Complement Jobs.

By attracting sustainable and innovative companies with research facilities, particularly from the building material industry as well from the medical technology industry, the Economy Park will be a strong business area offering numerous and diverse job opportunities.

Excellent infrastructure, modern offices, varied free time activities, social services, an attractive neighborhood and a lively community – the Economy Park will plan and develop a viable, sustainable and integrated work environment in one of Europe’s strongest economic regions.




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