July 2023

Origins of the Special-Purpose District’s Logo

The PR agency responsible for developing the Special-Purpose District’s logo used for its marketing presence was inspired by the Eternit hall’s landmarked saw-tooth roofs. This architectural element was set to be included in the logo of the Special-Purpose District as a USP. The members of the Special-Purpose District’s Assembly were excited at the idea, so that now the form of the saw-tooth roofs shapes the District’s sign.

Designed by the architect Ernst Neufert (1900-1986), the saw-tooth roofs of the former production halls as well as the workshops and the employees’ facilities were landmarked due to their status as a cultural monument from the early postwar modernism.
Due to its iconic architecture, the only building by Neufert in Germany that still exists today is considered to be of particular value.

More information on the historic background can be found here: Neufert-Stiftung